For us, innovation goes hand
in hand with sustainability.

Our Story

Started as a modest knitting unit in 1994 in Tiruppur, BVK Exports changed the notion of activewear clothing with its innovation of Bamboo Performance Technology TM. In a time when the market was dominated with Nylon and Polyester fibers, BVK Exports developed a unique blend of cotton and bamboo that altered the activewear industry, making way for a new range of clothing material. We aren’t just a typical apparel and home textile manufacturer, we constantly explore, experiment, and develop new ideas to enhance the experience of wearing performance apparel.

Comfort is the value we strive for and thrive on since we started our journey. At the same time, we believe we are responsible not only for the wearer’s comfort but also for the environment. Since energy efficiency will play an important role in the textile industry, we prepared ourselves by powering our manufacturing facilities with renewable electrical energy, considerably reducing our carbon footprint. The energy we produce is 261 times more than we need. We provide the surplus energy to the local electricity board for distribution elsewhere. That being said, every person who purchases our products cuts 1.2 pounds (per garment) of carbon emission.

Our Mission

Accelerating ourselves in becoming a world-class apparel and home textile manufacturer through innovative and sustainable practices.

Our Promise

Quality is at the core of
everything we do.

Understandably , Comfort is what we promise You. And how do we do that?. We employ qualified team & updated technology to develop unique fabrics with high quality yarns in varying blends and textures.

Our Certifications

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Founder’s Note

I would like to say that BVK Exports is my brainchild. My experience in the textile industry and a passion for entrepreneurship has helped me to build an R&D-enabled apparel company where we came up with a unique blend of bamboo-cotton fabric, replacing the pure-cotton and synthetic fibers in the performance wear industry. We didn’t stop there, we strive to experiment and develop a wide variety of fabric blends that are not only ultra-comfortable to wear but also functional. I foresee energy-efficiency as indispensable for the future of industries, and that is why we have powered BVK Exports with renewable electrical power, thus transforming it as a social enterprise


Founder | Managing Director

Exploration via experimentation
is our passion

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Sustainability is our

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