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Transform your living space with
textiles that harmonize luxury and sustainability, redefining the art of home.

Our Specialties


100% Natural, 100% Bio Degradable, Hypoallergenic, Naturally UV protectant, Moisture Wicking.

Merino Wool

100% Natural, Bio degradable, Wrinkle resistant, Innovative, naturally Breathable, 100% Renewable.

Tencel Lycocell

100 % Natural, Great Strength, Moisture Absorbtion, Gentleness to Skin, Aesthetic.


100% Natural Wood Based, exquisite Softness, Highly flexible, Bio degradable.


Versatile, Breathable, Drapes Well, Excellent Colour Retention, Highly Absorbant and Smooth.

Banana Fiber

100% Natural, Bio Degradable, Great Strength, Enhances Absorption, Moisture Wicking

Looking for industries’ best
apparel and home textile solutions?